To the next chapter...

In 2014 my co-founder (now wife) and I started Tin Can Technologies to help companies make great products utilizing technology. Over the next three and a half years we did just that. We created healthcare applications, marketplaces, back-office applications, and way too many WordPress sites. At one point we grew to a team of five. We had successes, and we had failures, most of all we learned, A LOT. It truly is amazing the amount that we learned over the lifespan of Tin Can Technologies.

We loved Tin Can Technologies, but more importantly we loved the relationships we created, the people we met, and the solutions we created. There were things that we didn’t love that are just a part of life for small software services company. It is with great excitement and a tinge of sadness that today we announce the end of Tin Can Technologies.

Tin Can Technologies, served as a launch board for our new company, without Tin Can Technologies we could have never created Noviqu. Thank you to all the clients, mentors, friends, and experiences that came out of Tin Can Technologies. We look forward to the future, and if you would like to learn more about what we are doing now head on over to


Chad Haney
CEO - Tin Can Technologies